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Epicor MES Customization for Terminal Auto Logout

A North-east Ohio manufacturing company implementing Epicor 9.05.700 wanted an ‘auto-logout’ feature added to Epicor's manufacturing execution system (MES) so that if an employee left themselves logged in and walked away from the terminal, after 60 seconds it would log them out.  Even though this sounds simple enough it was actually a bit more complex than was expected.  

Wadsworth CityLink Website Goes Live!

SaberLogic Joomla Web design for CityLinkThe City of Wadsworth has recently brought their cable TV, Internet, new VoIP telephone and home networked utility services all under one new umbrella, now called CityLink. SaberLogic was proud to develop this Joomla website for the City of Wadsworth. This site is an extension of the city's primary Joomla website "group" that include the main City website, the Economic Development site, Municipal Court, and Bicentennial websites. The new CityLink website was built by bringing content over from several older sites and does a better job of presenting customers with an understanding of all of the services provided. It also helps customers understand the possible savings they can receive by bundling services together.

Downtown Wadsworth Website Redesign

Downtown Wadsworth - Website by SaberLogic
The downtown of Wadsworth has changed and evolved immensely since 1814.  One of the groups who is actively helping to build the downtown 's social and business environment is Downtown Wadsworth.  Over the past year and a half SaberLogic has been honored with the task of maintaining the website. Today we are excited to announce the release of a new and improved website to help promote the various activities and events that the organization holds.  During the rest of the 2013, more and more information about events will be added to the website including events for the city's 2014 bicentennial celebration.

To learn more, visit or contact us to find out how we can assist you with your next website project!

SaberLogic Launches Site for New VISUAL ERP Mobile App

Over the past 5 years, SaberLogic has provided many different extensions and add-on's to the Infor VISUAL Enterprise/Manufacturing ERP system.  We are now announcing the establishment of a new website that is dedicated to the promotion and support of one of those extensions, VE Mobile.

Who Says That Hackers Can't Also Be Good Guys?

On Wednesday November 14th, 2011 three members from the SaberLogic IT administration and website development teams, Justin Lyons, Justin Fields, and Nian Lew Yan Voon, donated some of their time for charity and participated in the first annual "Hack for Hunger" event.  The event was held in Independence, OH and raised over $2,000 for the Cleveland Food Bank.  The event challenged participants to search for vulnerable points on a network and then gain access.  Once inside of the network, participants would attempt to search for hidden "flags"and then submit them for points.  SaberLogic's broad scope of networking, web development and database expertise allowed them to place third out of approximately 15 teams. Congratulations!

Restricting Epicor Users to Post Batches With Credit Memos

If you would like to restrict at a user level which users are allowed to post credit memos a very simple BPM can be established to control this. This is an example of the many practical ways simple BPMs can be utilized within Epicor® to modify system behavior. 

Import Bulk Data into Visual® Using an Excel Spreadsheet

We are excited to release another new product for VISUAL Manufacturing/Enterprise, called the Visual Data import. This application provides you with the ability to insert data directly into any VISUAL ERP SQL database from a single Excel sheet. It is designed to simplify the process of transferring large amounts of data from one database to another or for initial load-up of data such as parts, customers, vendors, work orders, customer orders, engineering masters, purchase orders, inventory balances, etc.

Please contact us today for more information on importing data into Visual® Manufacturing/Enterprise using Excel!

Make Epicor 8/9 Searches Work Like Vantage 6 & Earlier

In Vantage 6 and earlier when you would click on a search button anywhere in Epicor (i.e. the 'Customer' button on Sales Order Entry) it would automatically pop-up a list of results. In Epicor 8 and above this behavior was changed by default to be a multiple-click process where you set up search criteria, hit the search button, and select from the results (if it is not within the first 100 returned you will need to page through the results). While this has added scalability for large databases, it can also be an inconvenience when you were used to the quick one-click behavior of Vantage®. Fortunately, Epicor provides us with a way to restore this default behavior.

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