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SaberLogic is Now Bezlio!

We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Epicor ERP Customization and Programming Services

Bezlio provides you with a single source for any of your Epicor customization, development and programming services for Vantage, Epicor 9, and Epicor 10 ERP.   

SaberLogic - Custom Epicor Development

Epicor Customization

Our Epicor programming services, customizing existing Epicor 9, Epicor 10, and Vantage screens and modules, enables you to tailor Epicor to your specific needs.  You mean you never thought you could have your ERP work for you instead of working around it?  Did we just hear a little sigh of relief?  
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SaberLogic - Epicor Module Programming

Epicor Mobile Programming

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Bezlio's developers can build new, custom mobile apps for Epicor Vantage, Epicor 9, and Epicor ERP 10 that are made to fit your business needs and processes, thereby increasing your efficiency. You've invested a lot into make it work for you.

SaberLogic - Epicor Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports Development for Epicor

Bezlio can customize existing reports and develop brand new Crystal Reports that can be executed right from within the Epicor Vantage, Epicor 9 and Epicor ERP 10 interface.  Give your users access to Crystal Reports with the exact information they need, formatted exactly how they should be.  learn more

SaberLogic - Epicor Custom Macro

Epicor Macro Programming

learn more Bezlio can develop custom macros for Epicor Vantage, Epicor 9 and E10 that group together a series of repetitive processes and tasks.  This kind of automation improves users' speed, efficiency, accuracy and yes, happiness.

SaberLogic - Epicor Dashboard Design

Epicor Dashboard Development

Bezlio can develop dynamic dashboards within Epicor 9, Epicor ERP 10 and Vantage that give managers and executives valuable information...the exact information they need.  Having access to relevant information, right when you need it?  It's a little Epicor nirvana.  contact us

SaberLogic - Add-ons and Extensions for Epicor

Add-ons and Extensions for Epicor

see extensions While so much of what we do is unique, many times, we get the same requests over and over again. We try to turn those opportunities into products that we can offer to everyone. Why not take a moment and look at our catalog of add-ons and extensions for Epicor Vantage, Epicor 9, and Epicor ERP 10 that we have already developed and see if something might fit for you.

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