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Epicor EDI: Rapid EDI Implementation

Businesses today are connecting like never before.  Omnichannel integration means pushing your products and services to multiple vendors websites.  This type of integration means that suppliers and vendors expect to be able to communicate electronically.  To stay ahead or beat your competition, you need to take the next step, using EDI to connect Epicor to your customer’s systems.

Our EDI Process

SPS Commerce logoSaberLogic provides the software and implementation services for the portion of the EDI process that goes between your VAN or mapping partner and your Epicor ERP.

SaberLogic has been working closely with SPS Commerce on EDI integration since 2009, and we achieved certification of our Epicor EDI solution on their RSX platform.

Solid EDI Integration Methodology

In the past, every EDI trading partner you had needed to have a custom map developed. If you had a lot of trading partners, this quickly became a lengthy and costly development process.

To solve this, SPS Commerce developed a retail standard XML format that they called RSX (Retail Standard XML). By standardizing the format, this allowed SaberLogic to develop a tight integration layer between SPS and Epicor that eliminates the manual data entry of your orders, customer invoices, warehouse shipments, etc.

You have a single channel to SPS, who sorts and separate all EDI transactions and delivers them to us according to the trading partner.

SaberLogic then takes that RSX output file from SPS Commerce and converts that to a file that Epicor can read through Epicor Demand Management and Direct Import, which is the preferred process flow for Epicor EDI handling. Outbound documents are kicked off via a BPM (Business Process Management) which uses database calls for high-performance document creation.
Flow chart of how SaberLogic's Epicor EDI process works with SPS Commerce

Implementation Process

SaberLogic's Timeline for EDI implementation between Epicor ERP and SPS Commerce

NOTE:  Total implementation time will vary based on whether you are already using SPS Commerce and on the total number of trading partners.

Supported EDI Document Types

We support the following document types:

EDI document type 810 for invoices  

810 - Invoice

    Electronic version of a paper-based invoice document. Created in response to a Purchase Order (EDI 850).
EDI document type 830 for planning schedule with release capability  

830 - Planning Schedule with Release Capability

    Used commonly as a sales forecast.
    May include shipping information, though solely based on forecasts.
EDI document type 846 for inventory inquiry and advice  

846 - Inventory Inquiry / Advice

    Used to communicate inventory information between partners.
EDI document type 850 for purchase orders  

850 - Purchase Orders

    Used to place orders for good or services. Provides information you would find on a paper Purchase Order document (item pricing, item quantities, shipping detail, payment terms, etc.).
EDI document type 855 for purchase order acknowledgement   

855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment

    Used to confirm receipt of 850 (Purchase Order). Can include details such as: accept, reject, accept with changes, change or reject one or more lines items for freight charges and terms.
EDI document type 856 for advance ship notice  

856 - Advance Ship Notice

    Used to communicate the contents of a shipment to another trading partner.
    Sent in advance of a shipment arriving at a partner facility.
EDI document type 860 for purchase order change request   

860 - Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated

    Used to request the change of a purchase order that had already been sent.
EDI document type 940 for warehouse shipping order  

940 - Warehouse Shipping Order

    Provides instructions to warehouse: what, when, how much to ship.
EDi document type 945 for warehouse shipping advice   

945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

    Used to notify partner shipment is complete.

Is there a document type you need but don’t see it in this list. No problem! Contact our sales support team to discuss your needs and we can develop a custom crafted solution to handle your specific document type needs.

Our Epicor ERP Experience

SaberLogic has 60 cumulative years of Epicor ERP experience

  SaberLogic's Epicor experience with Vantage, Epicor 9 and Epicor 10

Over 60 cumulative years
of Epicor consulting experience


Experience with Epicor 9,
Epicor ERP 10 and Vantage


Experience with the following vertical markets:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices and Components
  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Music and Entertainment

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