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We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Our Crystal Reports Programmer's Development Process

Have you wondered how our Crystal Reports programmers work through a typical Crystal Reports development project for you?  What are the various steps and what can you expect during development?  

Project Scope and Discovery

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 1  

The process begins with a discussion of your specific report needs. During that discussion our Crystal Reports programmers will gather your report requirements, technical information about your data sources, details on how these reports are going to be delivered to end-users, and the best method to obtain access to your data sources. (VPN, terminal services, sample database, etc)


Quote or Estimate

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 2   Depending on the application being reported from, the database and even the type of report, we will have one or more of our Crystal Reports developers review the report and come up with an estimate of the amount of time it will take us to complete.  From that estimate, we will provide you with an estimate of the lead time & cost required to complete your Crystal Report(s).



Development / Programming Your Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 3   Once we have your approval to begin work, your Crystal Reports project will be added to our development queue. We can either connect remotely to your database or we can utilize a sample database at our office to develop your reports.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for an update on your project.



Testing Your Reports

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 4   At the end of development, our Crystal Reports programmers and consultants will send you the completed Crystal Reports RPT file. While we have tested the reports internally, we still ask you to verify the validity of the data returned in the Crystal Report by running it against your production data. 



Deploying Your Reports

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 5   When the reports are complete, then we can help with deploying your Crystal Reports with Logicity, our Crystal Reports® viewer software.  Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically and emailed to users.  Administrators can also lock down access to reports, encrypt reports, log user activity and even integrate with other applications.

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