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We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Epicor eCommerce and Magento Integration

Magento's eCommerce platform is an incredible front-end for your next Epicor integrated website.

  • Automatically push web orders into Vantage or Epicor 9 ERP.
  • Integrate customers so they have ship-to addresses, customer-specific pricing and even credit term specific payment methods.
  • Integrate items so that inventory and updates are quickly updated on your website.

SaberLogic - Magento and Epicor ERP Experience

Our Magento and Epicor ERP Experience

Epicor ERP Experience

  • Almost 50 years of cumulative Epicor experience, going back to Epicor Vantage v 3.0

Magento eCommerce Experience

  • 6 years of Magento development experience, dating back to 2008.
  • Over 20 stores, ranging from software sales, automotive after-market parts, nutritional supplements, industrial supplies, high-end coolers, shipping materials and lawn care equipment.

SaberLogic - Epicor and Magento Integration Options

Epicor and Magento Integration Options

Order Integration

  • New orders can be pushed from Magento into Epicor ERP, through an EDI Dashboard. This intermediate step allows customer service representatives to review orders, correct issues and approve before they are imported.
  • Update the Magento order status based on business process triggers inside of Epicor.
  • Epicor ERP order shipment records can be pushed back to Magento to increment the order status and to populate order tracking fields for customer reference.

Customer Integration

  • Bi-directional synchronization of customer information between Epicor and the website.
  • Customers can be set-up to create new accounts or require approval before ordering.
  • Choose to allow customers to checkout as a guest and orders can be routed accordingly.
  • Customers can be set-up to allow/disallow them to manage their own ship-to and bill-to locations from Magento and push into Epicor.
  • Updates to customer information inside of Epicor ERP can be pushed back and synchronized with Magento.
  • Customer accounts in Magento can be linked with Epicor ERP to specify what kind of payment methods are available to each customer based on their payment terms in Vantage or E9.
  • Magento can be enhanced to act as a customer self-service portal by providing archives of orders, invoices and other documents from within Epicor.

Items and Product Integration

  • Item details and categories can be pulled down from Epicor ERP and pushed up to the website.
  • Item pricing can be set-up by customer, customer group and quantity.
  • Available inventory from the ERP can be displayed on Magento and can define the customer ability to order.
  • Product attributes defined in Epicor can be imported into the website.
  • Products with subscriptions or recurring transactions can be set-up.
  • Custom product configurators can be programmed on the Magento front end to configure products on customer orders.

Other Epicor ERP and Magento Integrations

  • Magento to Epicor shipping integrations to provide shipment quotes at the time of order, estimated shipment lead times and quotes based on proximity to multiple shipment centers, and integrated tracking numbers.
  • Sales tax rates can be maintained in Epicor and integrated with the website, or help to integrate with a sales tax provider which can maintain and calculate rates.
  • Customer returns and RMA can be set-up and integrated as needed.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) fields on the front end, such as page titles, meta descriptions, meta robot tags can be managed through user defined fields (UDF) in Epicor.
  • SaberLogic has developed an exclusive custom Epicor credit card processing integration with Chase Paymentech to provide credit card processing to both the website's front-end transactions but also to the native Epicor sales orders.

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