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SaberLogic is Now Bezlio!

We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Material Management Apps

Mass Material Movement Screen

This solution provides you the capability to manage the movement of materials en masse from one location to another.  Flexibility is provided in that you can establish the pool of material to be moved based on:

  1. Manual entry of a list of parts
  2. Entry of an assembly part number which provides a BOM listing of associated parts
  3. The stock-on-hand listing for the source location.
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Job Receipt Labor Adjustment

Standard Epicor® ERP processing provides on a job operation the ability to establish an “Auto Receive” capability.  What this does is when labor is entered on the job operation the receipt transaction is automatically generated.  However, there is no standard capability for the reverse of this process flow where no labor is entered but instead just the job completion quantity is entered.  With this solution you’ll obtain the ability to automatically generate labor entries when completing the Job Receipt to Inventory based upon the labor standards in place for the job operations.

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Consolidated Job Issue and Receipt

Implementing this custom solution will provide a consolidated workbench which can be used to issue material to a job, receive the finished goods to the warehouse, create the labor entries for the job, backflush material as appropriate and trigger the printing of label(s).  If your finished goods parts are lot tracked they will automatically have the lot ID assigned as the job number; if they are serial tracked serial numbers will be auto-generated, assigned to the job, and associated with the inventory being received.

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Replacement PO For Failed DMR

This solution provides an opportunity to automatically generate a new, unapproved PO for any DMR material dispositioned through inspection processing as “failed”.  The originating order’s information will be used to generate the new PO and the purchasing department has the ability to review and modify as appropriate prior to approval if so desired.

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Remove Part Lot Utility

This solution provides a utility which can be used to manipulate the Lot Tracking flag on parts when there is existing inventory.  Standard Epicor® will not permit the modification of the Lot Tracking flag if there is lot-designated inventory in the warehouse.

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Scan to Ship

The Scan to Ship extension provides strong mobile scanning functionality for performing shipments in Epicor® 9 and Epicor® Vantage®.  Right from your mobile scanner, users can create new shipment ids, scan all of the parts to be shipped, scan serial numbers and then complete the shipment record.

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