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SaberLogic is Now Bezlio!

We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Bezlio - The Only Enterprise Mobile Platform You'll Ever Need

Bezlio LogoOver the past year and a half, we have been working on a secret project. It's something we knew we could build, but for a long time, we could only dream about developing. We want to tell you our secret.

Here's the back story...

We've been crafting custom applications and integrations for ERP systems since we opened our doors in 2002. When you have almost 15 years worth of expertise in your back pocket, you begin to notice certain trends. You start to see similarities between customers and between projects. You hear similar requests over and over again. You see the same roadblocks crop up each time. You start to think about how you are working and how best to implement a project if you just had the ideal platform to work from.

The hardest part of any project, especially anything involving mobile, is getting access to the data. How do you get the data to the mobile device quickly and securely? What if we had a platform that could be used to rapidly develop and deploy ERP applications, especially for mobile users?

In 2015 we made a critical decision. We decided to build it.

Today, we would like to present our new project and the future of SaberLogic.

Hello, world! We would like to introduce you to Bezlio.

What Is Bezlio?

Bezlio is a revolutionary platform that allows you to utilize the cloud to access and interact with your data using apps, analytics, and dashboards, all without requiring you to expose your private enterprise data to the Internet.

That may sound like common business software jargon. All except that last phrase..."without requiring you to expose your private enterprise data to the internet."

That is the key feature of Bezlio...being able to provide mobile access to your data without opening ports to your internal network to the Internet. You can keep your data right where it is. The hardest part of mobile development is now permanently done.

And we are not talking about simple dashboards and fun little charts (although we have those too). We are talking about the ability to hyper-rapidly build applications that read from your data and also interact and write-back to your database and ERP system, using its own business logic and APIs.

Yeah. Seriously.

All your any device...from anywhere.

How Does Bezlio Work?

Bezlio Website Home Flow Diagram

Using a secure token-based system through a cloud-based communications network, Bezlio can communicate securely between your data already inside of your private network and any trusted device across the internet. Here are the key takeaways:

  • You do not need to open any ports on your internal network.
  • Security tokens ensure each device is trusted and permitted by administrators.
  • The Bezlio listener in your network will only respond to users and queries that it is allowed to answer
  • Only locally logged in administrators can determine who can connect and what data to share.
  • Admins can easily break the data connection by revoking one of the security tokens on either side of the connection.
  • Administrators have the ability and flexibility to subscribe users to multiple threads rather than one, providing very granular security.
  • Data transfers are encrypted with AES256 level encryption, and Bezlio does NOT store your data in the cloud.
  • Bezlio Cloud operates within Microsoft's secure Azure cloud infrastructure.

All your any device...from anywhere.

A Real World Example

I sat in on a demo session with one of our beta customers last week. They have a custom dashboard that was built into their ERP that provides actual vs. budget reporting by quarter for each of their sales team on the road.

To check their numbers, each sales team member had to boot up their laptop and VPN in. Next, they had to log into their ERP.  Following that, they had to navigate to the dashboard, open it and finally run a query to update the data.

By re-using the exact queries that had already been developed, we built a brand new app in Bezlio that can access all of that data, on ANY device, from anywhere, in less than 20 minutes. Their sales team can now open Bezlio in a browser on their phone, authenticate their account, and then refresh the data in less than 2 seconds.

All your any device...from anywhere.

So What Is Coming?

We are testing beta customers right now, and we expect to open up our platform to the world in early January 2017. Since we know all our current customers can benefit, we will immediately have integrations for both Epicor ERP and VISUAL ERP right from the start. We also already have integrations with Salesforce, SQL Server and ODBC completed.

We aren't just going to create integrations and leave it at that. We are building and sharing free apps that you can grab and use to make Bezlio really work with your applications. For example, we will soon be releasing a free Epicor ERP application in Bezlio that will allow someone to view open purchase orders, edit them if necessary and approve them. It reads from your live Epicor database and writes back to it from a web browser.

All your any device...from anywhere.

In the first half of 2017, we will be rolling out integration with Crystal Reports and expanding the capabilities of our Logicity product to run within Bezlio. Yes...that means you will be able to access Crystal Reports from a mobile phone, an iPad or tablet, and a finally access Crystal Reports from a Mac. We said any device and we meant it.

We also have plans to deploy our VE Mobile and EDI services on top of Bezlio as well, making deployments and operations easier for those customers.

Finally, we fully expect that the majority of our customer projects that would have been done in the past as a stand-alone application will now be done on top of the Bezlio platform.


Interested in more? We have a new website ready to introduce you to Bezlio and describe further in detail how it works.

Please sign-up on the Bezlio mailing list so that we can very quickly update you as we release Bezlio and new free applications that apply to you and your data sources.

About the Author

Eli Remington is the web marketing director and a partner at SaberLogic, a professional services firm that provides custom development, programming services, integration consulting and technical support for Infor® ERP Visual® and Epicor® Vantage® ERP. SaberLogic also specializes in Crystal Reports® development, custom programming and custom web development. Follow Eli on Google+ and Linkedin.


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