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SaberLogic is Now Bezlio!

We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Restricting Epicor Users to Post Batches With Credit Memos

If you would like to restrict at a user level which users are allowed to post credit memos a very simple BPM can be established to control this. This is an example of the many practical ways simple BPMs can be utilized within Epicor® to modify system behavior. 

Make Epicor 8/9 Searches Work Like Vantage 6 & Earlier

In Vantage 6 and earlier when you would click on a search button anywhere in Epicor (i.e. the 'Customer' button on Sales Order Entry) it would automatically pop-up a list of results. In Epicor 8 and above this behavior was changed by default to be a multiple-click process where you set up search criteria, hit the search button, and select from the results (if it is not within the first 100 returned you will need to page through the results). While this has added scalability for large databases, it can also be an inconvenience when you were used to the quick one-click behavior of Vantage®. Fortunately, Epicor provides us with a way to restore this default behavior.

Sales Order and Pack Slip Auto Creation for Epicor

We are excited to release another new Epicor 9, E10 and Epicor Vantage customization. This customization allows you to sell and ship the entire contents of an inventory location automatically. The user will be able to automatically generate Sales Order Lines and Packing Slips based on the inventory of the selected warehouse/bin.

For more information on this new extension for Epicor 9 and Epicor Vantage, please visit the Sales Order/Pack Slip Auto Creation product page or contact us.

Modified MES Workflow for Serial Number Handling in Epicor 9

Within the default Epicor 9 MES module, it can be a very tedious process to select the serial numbers. Only a single reason codes can be selected for all non-conforming serial numbers and there is no way to tell it multiple reason codes. There is also a redundancy in the entering of quantities - you enter the quantities on the end activity screen but need to select the complete versus non-conforming serial numbers individually on the serial numbers screen.

New Extensions Available for Infor VISUAL ERP & Epicor ERP

This past week we have begun to add a variety of new bolt-ons, add-ons and extensions to our website that are designed to work with Infor VISUAL Enterprise/Manufacturing ERP and Epicor 9 / Vantage ERP. Many are new enough that details and screenshots are not yet available so please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

A Graphical History of Manufacturing and ERP Software

Have you ever wondered when material requirements planning functionality was added to ERP systems? How about MRP? Or even when the year 2000 was first perceived to be a potential problem for ERP systems. Software Advice recently created a timeline covering the history of manufacturing and ERP software. It includes 17 key events that have shaped the ERP software industry over the last 50 years. It's a quick way to understand the context of current enterprise software events.

To complete the timeline, they are asking industry experts to share their ideas. They'd like to fill in the gaps and add another 15+ dates/events to the timeline. If you have any ideas or suggestions, email Houston Neal (

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