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Replacement PO For Failed DMR

This solution provides an opportunity to automatically generate a new, unapproved PO for any DMR material dispositioned through inspection processing as “failed”.  The originating order’s information will be used to generate the new PO and the purchasing department has the ability to review and modify as appropriate prior to approval if so desired.


Video Demo


The process of receiving a PO and processing it through inspection processing will remain unchanged with this customization.  Users will continue to use Receipt Entry to perform a PO receipt and check the inspection required checkbox:

Here we are doing a standard Epicor® PO receipt and are checking 'Inspection Required'

Then they will continue to use inspection processing entry as they do currently to inspect this receipt – specifying if quantities have failed or passed:

This is the standard inspection processing screen where a failed quantity has been entered.  This will generate a DMR.

Upon saving this transaction a DMR number will be provided if a failed quantity was specified.  At this point they would continue along to process this DMR in the DMR Processing window.  If the DMR is marked as rejected our customization will kick in asking the user whether they wish to initiate a replacement PO:

This shows the DMR processing screen with the new custom pop-up asking whether a replacement PO is desired.

If the user clicks ‘No’, then nothing further will happen.  However, if they click ‘Yes’ a request will be added to a replacement PO queue which is managed using a new UI called ‘Replacement PO Processing’:

This screen is where your purchasing agents will review the replacement PO requests and decide whether to process them.

The purchasing agent will review the data in this grid and check the box in the ‘Process’ column for any replacement purchase orders they wish to initiate.  Upon clicking the ‘Save’ button all checked rows will be processed and replacement purchase orders will be created:

A pop-up alerts the user of the replacement PO number that was created for the selected lines.

The replacement PO will be copied from the original PO with only the lines that are being replaced and the quantities that failed DMR processing.  The header comments will store details about the vendor RMA number and the original PO:

Here you see the newly generated PO with comments referencing the RMA number, DMR, and original PO.

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