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Remove Part Lot Utility

This solution provides a utility which can be used to manipulate the Lot Tracking flag on parts when there is existing inventory.  Standard Epicor® will not permit the modification of the Lot Tracking flag if there is lot-designated inventory in the warehouse.


Video Demo

Remove Part Tracking Utility

 A new menu item is available to control selection and processing of Lot Tracked parts.   When invoked the grid automatically populates with all parts which are currently designated as “Lot Tracked”.

This is a screenshot of the 'remove part lot tracking' utility.

Select which parts you wish to change the status from “Lot Tracked” to not by checking the box at the left corresponding to each part.  When complete click on the “Clear Lots” button.  Because the underlying processing involves the adjustment of inventory out and in you’ll also need to supply a valid “Reason” code which will be associated to the adjustment transactions.

The processing steps that take place in the background for each part involve:

  • Identifying all inventory in the various warehouses for the plant.
  • Creating standard Epicor® Inventory Adjustment transactions to zero out the inventory.
  • Changing the part to remove the “Lot Tracked” designation.
  • Creating standard Epicor® Inventory Adjustment transactions to re-stock the inventory.

Everything will look the same as far as inventory in the warehouses with the only change being that now the processed parts are not lot tracked and you no longer are required to enter a lot with any inventory-based transaction activity.

You’ll note that the lot number remains stored with the Part Bin information.  This will not cause problems with standard Epicor® and can be ignored.

Epicor and Vantage are registered trademarks of Epicor Software Corporation.

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Epicor® is a registered trademark of Epicor Software Corporation.
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