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Rethink Epicor Service Connect And BPMs When Importing EDI

Updated: September 15, 2016
SaberLogic - Epicor Services and EDIA client had a large number of EDI transactions that needed to be imported into their Epicor 9 ERP system. However, these also required a decent amount of processing logic, including inventory transfers, adjustments and customer shipments. The client also needed a way to see the information that had been processed as well as possibly resubmitting transactions if there had been an error and was recoverable.

Customized Epicor 9 Employee Labor Data Screens

SaberLogic Epicor 9 Services A client was utilizing Epicor® 9.04 but needed more granular control of their payroll system. Their problem split into several parts along the payroll process. First, they required dynamic shifts by day, to be easily manageable from the Shift Entry Module. Secondly, employees clocking in using Shop MES needed to validate against these shift times. Finally, considering all of the customization up to this point, when labor records are reviewed, users need visibility of this data as well as the ability to add new records utilizing the new constraints.

Overcoming Labor Time Format Issues in Epicor 9

SaberLogic - Epicor Custom Development and Support

We developed a custom "Overall Equipment Effectiveness" application for a local manufacturing company. The application records employee production on a daily basis. The employee start and end times are recorded but need to be stored in a decimal value in order to interact with a legacy ERP system. We simply masked these decimal values as time values using a standard .NET TextBox control. The client later requested a tracker view, allowing administrators the ability to view and edit already posted records. This proved to be an issue as we were displaying their decimal values with no mask, i.e. 8.75 instead of 8:45, 6.25 instead of 6:15.

Emailing Sales Order Acknowledgments & Invoices in Epicor 9

SaberLogic Epicor® Development ServicesUpdated September 14, 2016

An Epicor® 9 customer approached us looking for a way to quickly send sales order acknowledgments and invoices from their respective forms within Epicor® and to automatically select the e-mail address based on the contact associated with the customer record.

By utilizing the standard report objects within Epicor® 9 ERP, we were able to submit the report to Epicor. By using the standard report transactions, we were then able to run whatever report was setup as the default for these items, even if they had made a new report data definition or had changed the Crystal Report itself.

Overcoming a .NET Sorting Limitation on an Epicor Project

Updated September 14, 2016
We were developing a cycle count application for one of our customers who required that their bins be sorted into alpha-numeric order: 14B, 21G, 21L, A7B, A9A, B5A, D4E1, E16A2, E16B2, etc. In the past, they had written their own sorting algorithm for a Crystal Report and so the cycle count applications dashboard that was replacing the report would also need items sorted into these bins. The issue we had to overcome is that .NET does not have a built-in sorting algorithm for an alpha-numeric values. There are basic algorithms which can handle the sorting of a list of numbers or a list of strings. In our case however, we needed to account for both letters and numbers, with a list of varying degrees of length in each of its items.

Magento eCommerce and Crystal Reports - Customer Case Story

SaberLogic Magento and Crystal Reports ServicesA nutritional supplement distributor with a Magento eCommerce website was looking to solve two business issues: (1) to improve their warehouse order fulfillment process by providing better access to customer order data, and (2) to obtain a better understanding of sales data and trends.  The stock reports within Magento were not adequate and so they desired to have reports that would allow them to make better decisions based on current sales data.  Since we have a unique team of developers with extensive experience with the Magento platform and it's MySQL database platform as well as Crystal Reports developers who specialize in custom reporting from a wide range of databases, ERPs and other applications, this client approached us to determine what could be done.

8 Ways to Combat Spam Posts on Your Joomla Website Forum

Do you think of spam as something that only arrives in your inbox? Many website owners know that spammers are also targeting their websites, submitting spam through their online forms and to other forms of public writing on their sites (i.e. discussion forums, product reviews, and blog article comments). Several of our own websites recently became the target of spammers who would create legitimate Joomla accounts on our online discussion forums and then post their spam articles within the various discussion categories.

SaberLogic Solves Epicor 9 Button Redesign Challenge

Updated September 14, 2016
One of our Epicor 9 clients, a Northeast Ohio manufacturing company, wanted to essentially completely re-design the Epicor 9 MES. That task was going to involve creating 156 different buttons and reassigning their function. In addition, they wanted the ability to easily re-assign the buttons to fit their future needs.

SaberLogic Signs Website Agreement with Joy to Give

SaberLogic has entered into an agreement with Joy to Give LLC to develop a comprehensive website for the purpose of providing a better way for people to contribute to important causes. Joy to Give is a social media website that provides an opportunity and platform for peer to peer giving. Each user is required to give a certain amount of money per month to other user's causes. Each user can post a Cause page, describing a particular need or goal in an effort to receive funds given throughout the site. Joy to Give connects people from all walks of life, providing them a platform to share and give.

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