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Epicor MES Customization for Terminal Auto Logout

A North-east Ohio manufacturing company implementing Epicor 9.05.700 wanted an ‘auto-logout’ feature added to Epicor's manufacturing execution system (MES) so that if an employee left themselves logged in and walked away from the terminal, after 60 seconds it would log them out.  Even though this sounds simple enough it was actually a bit more complex than was expected.  

 Questions like, “how do you know if the computer is not in use” and “what do we do if there were open forms” really added to the complexity of the solution.  

SaberLogic worked through these complex issues to develop a custom solution.  First, to determine if the computer was really not in use we tapped into the Windows API (the same functionality that would know to kick-on a screensaver or lock your screen) so that even mouse movements will prevent the auto-logout feature from being triggered.  
For the second issue with having any open forms, SaberLogic also used the Windows API, determining the class name that launched the MES Menu screen and then finding / closing any other windows sharing that same class name that are not called MES Menu.  
The end result is that if a user does not interact with the computer within 60 seconds, then everything neatly shuts down and logs you out of Epicor.
For more information on how SaberLogic can provide you with a custom solution for Epicor 9 or Epicor Vantage, please contact us today!

About the Author

Eli Remington is the web marketing director and a partner at SaberLogic, a professional services firm that provides custom development, programming services, integration consulting and technical support for Infor® ERP Visual® and Epicor® Vantage® ERP. SaberLogic also specializes in Crystal Reports® development, custom programming and custom web development. Follow Eli on Google+ and Linkedin.


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