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SaberLogic is Now Bezlio!

We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Custom Epicor 9 Dashboard Makes Shipping More Economical

Epicor 9 Consulting and DevelopmentAs an Epicor 9 consulting and development company, we come across situations where customers are held back from implementing the best and most logical business process because their stock installation of Epicor doesn't have an ideal solution to fit the process.  Almost every business has unique processes that make them competitive and its critical that they be able to customize Epicor 9 to make it fit those processes rather than simplify their process to fit the software.

Should You Use a Crystal Reports Developer?

SaberLogic - How to Hire a Crystal Reports Developer?When it comes to a small or large Crystal Reports project, many people are faced with a decision.  Is it better to attempt to develop it yourself with internal resources?  Or is it better to outsource the development to a firm that specializes in Crystal Reports development?  As with many outsourcing decisions, it comes down to the three big variables:  time, quality and cost.

Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer - New Release

Last month we released a new version of our Crystal Reports viewer application, Logicity.Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer features Version 1.7.0018 utilizes the newest version of the Crystal Reports 2011 runtime (SP8) which provides some bug fixes and features to the Crystal runtimes.  However, we also added a new feature to Logicity which provides you with the option to not discard any saved data when viewing RPT files directly.

SaberLogic Case Study - Whirlaway Corporation

Whirlaway Corp - LogoEarlier this year, we completed a large project with Whirlaway Corporation in Wellington Ohio.  It was a very exciting project that produced very tangible benefits and an impressive 4 month return on investment for Whirlaway.

Scan to Ship - A New Mobile Shipping App For Epicor 9

SaberLogic - Mobile App for Scanning and Shipping for Epicor 9Mobile is such a huge area of focus by ERP vendors today. And it should be. The ability to interact with an ERP right from the manufacturing floor or warehouse is critical to increasing the efficiency of these areas and ensuring that data is as close to real-time as possible. We are therefore pleased to present the release of a new extension for Epicor® 9, called Scan to Ship.

Why Are We Excited About the Epicor E10 Data Model?

SaberLogic .NET Entity Framework and Epicor E10

Since .NET evolves with each new release, we recently took a look at how data handling has changed in the later versions of .NET since we typically have been using direct SQL communications through the SQL client. Getting some familiarity now will be important since Epicor is utilizing a data model with linq for performing queries in the new E10.

Automatic Sales Order Acknowledgment for SalesForce + Epicor

SaberLogic - Epicor and Salesforce Integration

A SaberLogic client asked us to write an integration module with and their ERP platform, Epicor® Vantage 8.03. When sales orders were submitted on, they were then pushed into Vantage. By automating the sales order entry process entirely, they lost the ability to easily print and sent out Sales Order Acknowledgements to their customers. They needed to be able to utilize their new sales order entry system, but still send out SOA’s for each order.

The solution here posed two problems. First, we needed to automate the sending of a sales order acknowledgments from a designated customer e-mail account. Secondly, we had to determine how to have this process happen automatically as all of the processing for sales order entry are now server side, with no client machines involved.

Customizing the Product Configurator in Epicor Vantage 8

SaberLogic Epicor ERP customization and programming services

Every business is unique and yet ERP systems must be generic enough to work with many clients. That's why the ability to customize an ERP is so important. One of our clients was replacing a legacy quoting system with a new system inside of Epicor® Vantage 8. How do you convert requests for quotes into parts with fully configured methods of manufacturing? Learn what customizations we made to Epicor® Vantage!

Rethink Epicor Service Connect And BPMs When Importing EDI

Updated: September 15, 2016
SaberLogic - Epicor Services and EDIA client had a large number of EDI transactions that needed to be imported into their Epicor 9 ERP system. However, these also required a decent amount of processing logic, including inventory transfers, adjustments and customer shipments. The client also needed a way to see the information that had been processed as well as possibly resubmitting transactions if there had been an error and was recoverable.

Customized Epicor 9 Employee Labor Data Screens

SaberLogic Epicor 9 Services A client was utilizing Epicor® 9.04 but needed more granular control of their payroll system. Their problem split into several parts along the payroll process. First, they required dynamic shifts by day, to be easily manageable from the Shift Entry Module. Secondly, employees clocking in using Shop MES needed to validate against these shift times. Finally, considering all of the customization up to this point, when labor records are reviewed, users need visibility of this data as well as the ability to add new records utilizing the new constraints.

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