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Web Store Integration

The Web Store Integration for Infor VISUAL® Enterprise / Infor 10 ERP Express, integrates VISUAL® with a Magento-based e-commerce system. The integration can feed item data from VISUAL® to the website, customer information is synchronized between VISUAL® and the website, and web orders are automatically pushed into VISUAL®.


SaberLogic has developed a series of integration scripts to connect Infor VISUAL® Enterprise / Infor 10 ERP Express with the incredible Magento e-commerce engine.  Based on your needs, we can build these scripts to your specifications to create an e-commerce website that has the best of Magento's front-end e-commerce features with the desired back-end integration with VISUAL.  

Typically, we integrate VISUAL® in the following three areas: products, customers, and orders.

Item information from VISUAL® can be exported at regular intervals and then automatically update the Magento online catalog.  Item data includes things such as product names, SKU, descriptions, categories, weights, product attributes, and pricing.  Pricing can be set-up with different pricing tiers based on quantity or even based on customer groupings. 

Customer integration with VISUAL® can be set-up a number of different ways.  You may want to have full control over the customers who are able to order on the website.  In that case you would want to set-up all of your customers first in VISUAL and then give them access to the website.  Or, you may want brand new customers to be able to create accounts without having to contact you.  In that case we would allow new customers to be created on the website and then that customer data would be automatically created in VISUAL®.  You may also want to control customer ordering based on their payment terms.  No matter what you need, we can integrate VISUAL® customer accounts and permissions with the e-commerce customer permissions to provide you with the control you need.

Orders can be set-up to automatically upload from the website into VISUAL® to create sales orders.  Or, orders can hit an intermediate step, an EDI dashboard, to be reviewed and approved before being entered into VISUAL®. Once the order is entered, VISUAL® can update the website with order status or tracking numbers.

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