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Sales Order/Pack Slip Auto Creation for Epicor ERP - SaberLogic


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Sales Order/Pack Slip Auto Creation

The 'Sales Order/Pack Slip Auto Creation' for Epicor® 9 and Epicor® Vantage® customization allows you to sell and ship the entire contents of an inventory location automatically.  The user will be able to automatically generate Sales Order Lines and Packing Slips based on the inventory of the selected warehouse/bin.


To start, the user must first create new sales order or select an open sales order.  The new action menu item is not available if there is not a sales order selected or if it has not yet been saved.  Also, it is not possible to auto generate lines or pack slips if the sales order is marked as closed/voided.

Once a valid sales order is selected or created, from the Actions Menu, select the option Get SO Lines Ship...

This selection will bring up the following search screen where the user will be able to select the warehouse/bin that they would like to generate these lines from:

Only one warehouse/bin combination may be selected at a time. Once the selection is made, the application will pull all of the parts and quantities that are within the selected bin onto the current sales order.

Once all of the lines are on the sales order, a packing slip will be generated for the associated lines and marked as shipped.  A message box will display stating the new packing slip number that was created for the sales orders.

There are some assumptions about the way that this will work:

    1. The customization will not bring in parts from the selected warehouse/bin if that part does not have a positive on hand quantity.  If all parts within the selected warehouse/bin are 0 or negative, then an error message will display, stating that there were no parts to be found.  The same error will also be given if there are actually no items within the selected warehouse/bin.
    2. This customization does not handle for serialized items.  If there is a serial tracked item within the selected warehouse/bin, the sales order will be generated as expected, however, the packing slip will not be generated and a warning will be given to the user. The user, at that point, will need to manually create the packing slip for the sales order.
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