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Customer Specific Labels for Epicor ERP - SaberLogic

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Epicor and Vantage are trademarks of Epicor. Crystal Reports is a registered trademark of Business Objects and SAP AG.

Customer Specific Labels

Epicor Vantage currently lacks an integrated label printing solution that supports varying formats depending on data, label serialization, and reprint functionality.  For applications where customer or part specific labels are required, manual effort is required to generate the correct labels.

SaberLogic has developed a framework that allows for integrated custom labels to be generated using Crystal Reports files as the design template.  This framework is composed entirely of form customizations and Crystal Reports files, so the software will upgrade with future versions of Epicor® Vantage® just like any other form customization.



  • Allows you to specify a specific label format per record type (i.e. Customer, Ship To, or Part)
  • Each label is stored in a user defined table and is serialized with a unique number.  These can be reprinted at any time with the data that was present at the time of generation
  • The quantity of labels and the quantity printed on each label are very flexible
  • Quantity validations
  • Support the concept of a "Master Label" that can vary in format from the regular labels
  • All Crystal Reports functionality is at your disposal for very powerful generation options
    • Use parameters to prompt for additional information
    • Use complex suppression formulas
    • Etc
  • Because this is purely done as a form customization, all logic and design is available for you to edit and extend as necessary

Project Scope

This is ultimately as custom solution built from pre-made logic.  In order to develop a formal quote for this project, we need to know exactly which label formats are required with a full mock-up and where they are to be generated from.

Overview of Set-Up

  1. The labels are designed in Crystal Reports, one RPT file per report format.
  2. The Crystal Report is designed against a common XML file that contains all of the available fields.
  3. The Crystal Report file is associated with the record in Epicor® Vantage.
  4. We implement a customization at the form you wish to generate labels from to build the common dataset and launch the report form with the correct format for the currently selected record.


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