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ERP Compatibility

Epicor® 8.03, 9.04 and 9.05 Database Independent


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Shop Floor Skill Certifications

The employee skills customization is designed to ensure that employees possess the appropriate skills before they are allowed to sign onto a job within MES.  The customization is comprised of (1) a module to maintain skill definitions, (2) a customization that allows you to specify which operations require specific skills, (3) a customization that allows you to define the skills that each employee possesses along with expiration dates and (4) a customization to the MES Start Production Activity screen that prohibits employees with insufficient skills from clocking onto operations.


Video Demo

Skills Maintenance

Skills maintenance is where you define all of the skills for your organization.  This is a simple data entry screen based on a user defined table.

Skills maintenance is where you define each of the possible skills


Operation Skills Association

This customization adds a ‘Skills’ tab to Operation Maintenance in order to associate a defined skill with an operation.

Here we associate a skill with a given operation

Employee Skills

This customization adds a ‘Skills’ tab to the Employee Maintenance screen in order to define the skills a given employee possesses along with the expiration date when re-certification would be required (if needed).

Here we define each of the skills associated with an employee

Start Production Activity Customization

This customization verifies that an employee has the appropriate skills before being allowed to clock onto an operation.  Here an employee attempted to clock onto a milling operation without possessing that skill.

Here we are preventing the employee from starting a job they do not have sufficient skills for

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