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What is Business Activity Monitoring?

As technology becomes more and more critical to business success the need for more timely data continues to increase. Once it was okay to get analysis for decisions from yesterday's data but now it is becoming critical to have access to on-demand data to further decrease the delay between the data and the decision.

The problem with the model of even on-demand data from reports or static dashboards is that they are still user initiated. This means that issues or key pieces of information can be missed until the user decides to call the report to perform the analysis. That is why the field of Business Activity Monitoring is growing.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) refers to a system which provides both easy real-time access to data through key performance indicators (KPI) via dashboards in addition to monitors which watch for certain business conditions and inform users when those conditions are met. This means that instead of the information gathering being user initiated the system can inform the user that there is information there that needs to be analyzed.

In this way, the concepts of BAM fit into an overall Business Intelligence (BI) strategy as BAM is more used to monitor for the events and then traditional BI tools can be used to perform the in-depth analysis.

To learn more about business activity monitoring, and our other business intelligence services, please contact SaberLogic today!

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