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The Last Gasps for Internet Explorer 6

One of the biggest struggles that website development companies have is managing the plethora of browsers that are being used today. Three versions if Internet Explorer (6, 7 & 8), various versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome add to the complexity of every website development project. Fortunately, many large web websites are finally ending support for one the most difficult browsers to develop for, Internet Explorer 6. On January 29th, 2010 Google announced that they will soon end support for Internet Explorer 6 on their Google Docs and Google Sites. Their reasoning is very sound.

A Graphical History of Manufacturing and ERP Software

Have you ever wondered when material requirements planning functionality was added to ERP systems? How about MRP? Or even when the year 2000 was first perceived to be a potential problem for ERP systems. Software Advice recently created a timeline covering the history of manufacturing and ERP software. It includes 17 key events that have shaped the ERP software industry over the last 50 years. It's a quick way to understand the context of current enterprise software events.

To complete the timeline, they are asking industry experts to share their ideas. They'd like to fill in the gaps and add another 15+ dates/events to the timeline. If you have any ideas or suggestions, email Houston Neal (

Customer Profile: Hatch My House - A Unique Gift Registry

Over the past year or so, SaberLogic has had the opportunity to work on a unique website development project. Hatch My House, an interactive gift registry, allows couples and individuals to collect and save money towards a home in a unique and personal way. Using the graphic image of a house, visitors donate towards their family member's or friend's house fund by purchasing a part of that house such as a window, the front door or even a set of wine glasses! Visitors get to have fun while donating and users get to design, visualize - and hopefully realize - their 'dream' home!

Building Websites with Joomla and Magento

For the vast majority of our website development projects, we use Joomla as the content management system. Joomla makes it very easy to edit and update the content on your website without having to have any knowledge of website design or programming. With over 10 million downloads now, it is used by organizations such as Citibank and Harvard. Along the same lines, when we build an e-commerce website, we prefer to us an e-commerce engine called Magento®. It has over 1 million downloads and is being used by companies like Lenovo, 3M, and Samsung.

Label Printing for Epicor Vantage

One of the needs that we consistently run into when working with customers running Epicor Vantage is the need for a better way to print labels. Epicor Vantage currently lacks an integrated label printing solution that supports varying formats depending on data, label serialization, and reprint functionality. For applications where a customer or part specific label is required, we found that it often required a fair amount of manual effort to generate the correct labels.

SaberLogic Advertises Web Design at Wadsworth Chamber Show

All of us at SaberLogic were excited to present web design services and Apple Mac repair and support services at the Wadsworth and Rittman Chamber Showcase on August 26 at the Galaxy. It was a pleasure to meet many old friends and start up some new relationships. Although we have a wide range of networking and programming services, we chose to focus on primarily our website design services and our brand new Apple and Mac services and support.

Wadsworth Website Design

SaberLogic is proud to be part of historic downtown Wadsworth, Ohio. After being located near Wadsworth airport since 2002, we were excited at the opportunity to move to our new location at 132 Main St in June of 2009. One area we are especially proud of is the number of local clients that we have been able to provide and design websites for.

Understanding the Demand Supply Link Table in VISUAL ERP

For anyone wanting to write Crystal Reports or any other business intelligence against Infor VISUAL Manufacturing, understanding the DEMAND_SUPPLY_LINK table is crucial but often overlooked table. Conceptually it is easy to understand but digging into it deeper can provide even further insight and analysis into your fulfillment information.

Logicity Pro Features Ability to Encrypt Crystal Reports

Several months ago we released a version of Logicity Professional with a new feature that will be especially useful to consulting companies who want to sell and develop Crystal Reports for clients but want to ensure that their intellectual property is not stolen or changed. The encrypted reports feature of Logicity Professional allows you to take your Crystal Reports files and encrypt them so that they can only be viewed in Logicity, but not edited within Crystal Reports. Use this feature to protect your intellectual property as a developer or to prevent modification to reports by end users.

Weekend Post: A Glimpse Inside Our New Office

As you may know, in June 2009 we moved into a new office located in downtown Wadsworth, Ohio. We had been located on Weber Drive, near the Wadsworth Airport since our "birth" in 2002. That location was a great home for us. However, we decided that we needed a more open office format to help everyone work together and collaborate on projects. We also wanted to provide a trendy work environment and quick access to everything here in the downtown area.

132 Main St., Wadsworth, OH 44281 USA

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