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New Design. New Logo. New Brand.

newdesign.  newlogo.  newbrand.

First we would like to thank you for your support of SaberLogic. Since we first emerged from a flurry of ones and zeros ten years ago we’ve never lost sight of the value of our customers and our incredibly talented employees.

Our tight knit group of employees started with only four, and now we’ve grown to twenty. It is the inspiration of this great group of unique friends that we’ve remade our brand.

Our employees make our company, and we wanted our new brand to represent their unique backgrounds and talents that make SaberLogic what it is today.

We hope that you enjoy the new face of SaberLogic and we look forward to continue growing with you.




Welcome to the new saberlogic

SaberLogic is pleased to announce that on September 1, 2011 we are unveiling a new "SaberLogic".  What?  New?  Well, since our start in 2002, our marketing materials have portrayed more of a stoic corporate look and feel.   It has served us extremely well for our first 9 years.  But something always felt a bit mismatched.  That image just didn't seem to quite mimic the personality of the people who make up SaberLogic.  We are an energetic, imaginative, and exciting group of people (if we may say so) and that personality has been just itching to get out.

SaberLogic black and white logo   SaberLogic color logo with tagline
So in April 2011 we set out to develop a corporate image that reflected our personality a bit better.  We tossed around words like clean, fresh, edgy, playful, stylish, inviting, and contemporary...all terms we felt described us and how we wanted to portray ourselves to you.  We also wanted to give each of the various areas or departments here their own unique identity in some way.  With those goals in mind we worked tirelessly over the past five months on various designs and ideas that embody the ideals and the personality of the people who work here.   We have developed a new logo, website and other collateral which you will start seeing as early as September 1, 2011.  

We would therefore like you to be the first to be introduced to the new SaberLogic.  It's great to meet you!

SaberLogic business cards


YETI Coolers - Johnny Kubala

YETI Coolers - SaberLogic Testimonial

As a new Epicor 9 customer, SaberLogic has been instrumental in helping us utilize the system to best meet our business needs. From designing and implementing complex customizations for EDI transactions to implementing BPM’s to safe guard our processes, SaberLogic always turn projects quickly and accurately. YETI Coolers is a fast growing company, with limited in house staffing and no Epicor technical experts on staff, so it’s great being able to rely on SaberLogic’s expert staff for anything that may come up.

August 2013

Agrium Advanced Technologies - Jay Hartman

Agrium Adavanced Technologies - SaberLogic Testimonial

Andy was very knowledgeable, professional and accomplished everything we asked for in less time than expected. He has been responsive to our needs as needed after the project and a true pleasure to work with. Having his expertise available to us has made our applications team much more efficient and effective.

August 2013

Whirlaway Corporation - Charlene Brown

Whirlaway - SaberLogic Testimonial

The project had been awarded to SaberLogic after a first failed attempt with another firm. Bob was able to take the project and redesign a program that functions very well. We were very pleased with the transition. We have been able to work as a team to develop a program strategy beneficial for both parties.

August 2013

Accutrex Products, Inc - Mark Beichner

Accutrex - SaberLogic Testimonial

We had to pretty much teach Bob the "tribal knowledge" used to quote our custom products.  He did a good job applying this in the product configurator of Epicor.

August 2013

Tropic Oil - Alex M. Gongar , Information Systems Manager

Tropic Oil - SaberLogic Testimonial

I turned to Brian at SaberLogic for advise on our Intranet development on a specific language.  The instructed me on how to simplify the development process.  Brian’s assistance and guidance went above and beyond what I asked for.  He was very professional, knowledgeable and genial in his service to me.  I love having SaberLogic as my partner and Brian was very helpful.

August 2013

CityLink, City of Wadsworth - Robert Eshelman, IT Director

Bob Eshelman - City of Wadsworth

I just want to make sure you realize how much we appreciate everyone's help on putting this together so quickly. We were in a tough spot, thanks again on behalf of everyone here at the city.

June 2013

Tec4Life - Dave Harris, President


Thank you for the professional guidance and direction in making the new a reality.  While this project has been over a year-and-a-half in the works, it thrills me to no end that your patience and support have provided my business with a beautifully functional site that matches the level of quality and service Tec4Life clients now expect.

Your team shares this same value in providing the highest level of quality and service possible, and I greatly appreciated the comfort of being able to 'pop in' the downtown Wadsworth office whenever a question or concern arose that needed the clarity of personal attention.

The idea that you worked with the Tec4Life design files and programmed the site within an environment and language that is compatible with the latest mobile devices is exciting and innovative.  The impact that a matched experience will have when our clients and their family members access the site on any gadget is truly second to none.

I look forward to recommending your services to others, and utilizing your expertise in the near future without reservation.

January 2011

Our Office

Built in 1864 by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the 132 Main Street building in downtown Wadsworth was remodeled by Bob Thurber for SaberLogic.  Demolition of the first floor started in early 2009 and was completed by June 2009 at a cost of nearly $150,000.  10 large dumpsters were required to haul away all of the debris from demolition.  All of the wiring, plumbing, natural gas and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems were updated.  Two layers of carpet and one layer of tile were removed from the floors to reveal the original wood, which was then completely refinished.  Exposed brick from the original building is the highlight of the main office space.  Two new restrooms, a kitchen, conference room and a server room were also added.  The front awning and the back-lit illuminated sign were installed the following year.

SaberLogic moved their office from Weber Drive to the new office space in June 2009.  One of the features that drew SaberLogic to the new space was the large open floor plan, the "industrial" look of the interior and the proximity to downtown.  The open floor plan includes a common area with a couch and several chairs where any of the 17 current employees can collaborate together on projects in a relaxed, less formal environment.

SaberLogic - Office Front

SaberLogic - Main Office

SaberLogic - Front Lobby - Welcome!

SaberLogic - "We" Spaces

SaberLogic - "We" Spaces

SaberLogic - Conference Room

SaberLogic - Cool Green Chairs

SaberLogic - Coffee Mug - Mmmmm











About SaberLogic - Corporate Profile

SaberLogic is a professional services firm that provides custom development services and support for Infor ERP Visual (Visual Enterprise/Visual Manufacturing) and Epicor Vantage ERP. SaberLogic also specializes in Crystal Reports development, custom programming, and custom website development.  Started in 2002 and headquartered in Wadsworth, OH USA, has over 800 customers in over 12 countries.  


SaberLogic - Front View

SaberLogic - First Floor Office 

SaberLogic - Lobby

SaberLogic -

SaberLogic -

SaberLogic - Conference Room

SaberLogic - Cool Green Chairs 

SaberLogic - Delicious Caffeinated Beverage Receptacle


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