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SaberLogic is Now Bezlio!

We've taken everything we learned during our consulting time and boiled it down into a new mobile ERP platform called Bezlio. We are still developing mobile ERP solutions using Bezlio, but we also have a trusted partner network for any services listed here that we no longer offer. Please reach out to us for more information!

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Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer, Delivery and Scheduling

Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer, Delivery and Scheduling

Logicity Crystal Reports ViewerCreating and developing Crystal Reports is only part of the game.  How can you deploy Crystal Reports to end users in an efficient and economical manner?  You could purchase full licenses of Crystal Reports for each user, but if someone only needs to run pre-developed reports, then Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer, developed by SaberLogic, is exactly what you need.

Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer, Delivery and Scheduliner

Print, Email, Save and Export Crystal Reports

The Logicity Crystal Reports viewer is an amazing tool for giving your employees the the ability to run pre-developed Crystal Reports without having to purchase a full developer copy of Crystal Reports.  They can refresh data and then print, e-mail, save or export that data.
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Logicity - Print, email, save, and export Crystal Reports

Automated Crystal Report Scheduling and Delivery

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Our Logicity Crystal Reports software allows developers and users to schedule reports to be run as needed.  Imagine having all of your critical Crystal Reports already processed and waiting in your inbox or printer tray every morning.  Or save scheduled report incidents automatically to shared network directories.

Automated Crystal Reports Scheduling and Delivery

VBscript and Runtime Variables

Reports can be executed with custom runtime variables and VBScripts.  Variables can be placed into any text field in Logicity's Solution Builder and can be inserted before, after, or within text you've already entered in the field.  Append the current month name and date to the filename and automatically save.  Magic.
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VB Script and Runtime variables

Application Integration - Command-line Variable Replacements

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Imagine being able to execute Crystal Reports right from within your ERP or application and have relevant fields being read automatically.  All you systems integrators out there just got all geeked out, didn't you?

Application Integration - Command-line Variable Replacements

Security and Compliance

Logicity has numerous features that provide extra security and control over the deployment and execution of their Crystal Reports:

  • Password protection
  • Report logging
  • Hide Database Credentials
  • Lock down Viewer Controls
  • Encrypt Crystal Reports
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Logicity Crystal Reports viewer and scheduler - security and compliance

Crystal Reports Developers and Programmers

Are you looking for a support team to call for assistance, consulting and development work?  Our Crystal Reports developers and programmers have over 120 cumulative years of experience and over 4,000 custom reports under our belts.

SaberLogic's Crystal Reports Developers Version Experience

Crystal Reports Developer Version Experience

Do you need support for a particular version of Crystal?  Our Crystal Reports developers, consultants and programmers have experience with all of the following versions:

  • Crystal Reports v7
  • Crystal Reports v8
  • Crystal Reports v9
  • Crystal Reports v10
  • Crystal Reports XI
  • Crystal Reports 2008
  • Crystal Reports 2011
  • Crystal Reports 2013
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SaberLogic's Application Experience with Crystal Reports

Application Experience with Crystal Reports

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While we have experience with many, many different applications and databases, here are a few we know really well.  But your application not listed?  Give us a call and we'll see if we are the right people to help you out!

SaberLogic's Crystal Reports Programmers Database Reporting Experience

Database Reporting Experience

Excelling in Crystal Reports is all about understanding databases and the relationships between the different fields and tables.  The following databases are ones we work with every single day.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Progress
  • MySQL
  • Access
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SaberLogic's Crystal Reports Developers consulting scope

Crystal Reports Programmer Consulting Scope

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Understanding applications and databases is great but we also understand business processes.  Our Crystal Reports developers and programmers understand what reports your business needs and why.  Give us a call and challenge us with a tough one!

  • Accounts Receivable reports
  • Accounts Payable reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Job Costing reports
  • Invoices
  • Sales reports
  • Capacity Planning reports
  • and many more...

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Our Crystal Reports Programmer's Development Process

Have you wondered how our Crystal Reports programmers work through a typical Crystal Reports development project for you?  What are the various steps and what can you expect during development?  

Project Scope and Discovery

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 1  

The process begins with a discussion of your specific report needs. During that discussion our Crystal Reports programmers will gather your report requirements, technical information about your data sources, details on how these reports are going to be delivered to end-users, and the best method to obtain access to your data sources. (VPN, terminal services, sample database, etc)


Quote or Estimate

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 2   Depending on the application being reported from, the database and even the type of report, we will have one or more of our Crystal Reports developers review the report and come up with an estimate of the amount of time it will take us to complete.  From that estimate, we will provide you with an estimate of the lead time & cost required to complete your Crystal Report(s).



Development / Programming Your Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 3   Once we have your approval to begin work, your Crystal Reports project will be added to our development queue. We can either connect remotely to your database or we can utilize a sample database at our office to develop your reports.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for an update on your project.



Testing Your Reports

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 4   At the end of development, our Crystal Reports programmers and consultants will send you the completed Crystal Reports RPT file. While we have tested the reports internally, we still ask you to verify the validity of the data returned in the Crystal Report by running it against your production data. 



Deploying Your Reports

Crystal Reports Programmer Process Step 5   When the reports are complete, then we can help with deploying your Crystal Reports with Logicity, our Crystal Reports® viewer software.  Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically and emailed to users.  Administrators can also lock down access to reports, encrypt reports, log user activity and even integrate with other applications.

Crystal Reports Development - FAQ

General Reporting Questions

  1. What is "Reporting"?
  2. What makes SaberLogic's custom reports better than the stock reports included with my ERP or data system?
  3. Why would I want SaberLogic to help me with my reporting needs?
  4. What tools does SaberLogic use when developing custom reports?
  5. I am already overloaded with information. Why would I want to add even more?

SaberLogic Crystal Reporting Services

  1. How do you estimate the cost for a typical report?
  2. What is the lead time for a typical report?

What is "Reporting"?

We all use reports, probably without thinking much about them. All businesses have some sort of central computer system that they are channeling all of their daily data and transactions into. These systems promise to generate valuable information about your business from that data in the form of reports. These may be printed or in electronic form, but they are efforts of the system to analyze your data and report it back to you in a logical format.

What makes SaberLogic's custom reports better than the stock reports included with my ERP or data system?

Software companies do their best to create stock reports that fit all of their customers needs. However every business is different, with varying information requirements. Have you ever found yourself going through a stock report and adding handwritten notes and changes because the data was only "close" to what you needed? This can be very costly if the report is one that you use on a daily or weekly basis. Most companies find it more cost effective to have the report written correctly the first time than to pay someone to recalculate it by hand every time they use it.

Why would I want SaberLogic to help me with my reporting needs?

We are certainly not the only ones who can help you to alter or develop a custom report. In fact, some people can learn the basics of report writing in a matter or hours. However, our core skills lie in working with companies to determine exactly what information you need and then to create reports that deliver it to you in a clean, concise and complete format. We have extensive experience working with high-end ERPs, we have a deep understanding of the way data is formatted within them and a history of creating highly developed functionality that you can take advantage of. We can create your ideal report faster so that you can immediately be making profitable decisions from your data.

What tools does SaberLogic use when developing custom reports?

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best reporting solution, period. Just as a master carpenter uses multiple tools to do the job right, we have the ability to use a wide variety of reporting tools in order to find the perfect fit for you.

We use the Crystal Decisions suite of products, including Crystal Reports®, SQL Designer, and Crystal Enterprise. We go even further by automating the delivery of your new reports with a tool we've developed called RPT Scheduler. Using this tool we can automate the delivery of your reports to printers or e-mail recipients based on a fixed schedule or "triggers" from your ERP. For example, we could set up a report to automatically e-mail a salesperson the instant their sales performance drops below set goals. Or, we could set up reports to automatically e-mail your customers that have current jobs in production with their current status. The possibilities are truly endless.

Sometimes the best fit is to simply use the reporting tools native to your ERP. We use Report Builder,R & R Report Writer, and Centura to modify or create reports. Many times the best report may not even be on paper. We can enable you to view live data and reports instantly in a web environment. We can also extend a report's functionality by giving you the ability to interact and input data into your digital reports.

I am already overloaded with information. Why would I want to add even more?

We are all experiencing information overload. More often than not however, the information we are facing is not exactly what we need. SaberLogic can help you filter through the overload and reduce it down to the information you will really use. You will find that when you have the exact information you need in your hands, it empowers you to make profitable business decisions. So, is it really a matter of having too much information or simply a matter of not enough perfect information?

How do you estimate the cost for a typical report?

When you present us with a new report, we will review the specification and try to put it into a "bucket" of hours required. We can usually tell you quickly if a report will take between 2 to 4 hours, 4 to 8 hours, or 8 to 16 hours. If a report requires more than 16 hours we will provide you with a customized estimate. Simply multiply the total hours by the quoted hourly rate.

What is the lead time for a typical report?

The lead time for a report will vary on the complexity of the report and our current workload. Typically lead times are between 1 and 2 weeks. We will provide you with an estimated lead time at the time we estimate the project.

Epicor Support, Infor VISUAL ERP Consulting, Crystal Reports Support

Bezlio Logo with light blue watercolor and text that says, Powerful Mobile Access to Epicor, VISUAL and Crystal Reports

Powerful Mobile Access to Epicor, VISUAL, P21 and Crystal Reports

Bezlio is a revolutionary platform that allows you to utilize the cloud to access and interact with your Epicor, P21, or VISUAL data using apps, analytics, and dashboards, all without requiring you to move, copy or expose your private enterprise data to the Internet.

Using a secure token-based system through a cloud-based communications network, Bezlio can communicate securely between your on-premises data, already inside of your private network, and any trusted device across the internet.

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Mobilizing Epicor 9, 10 & Vantage ERP

Bezlio provides specialized Epicor custom development and programming services using our low-code mobile development platform that provides you with mobile access and integrations to your Epicor 9, 10 and Vantage ERP.  Challenge our team of certified Epicor developers with your complex mobility or integration challenges.

Custom Development Integration Support Services Consulting EDI Crystal Reports E-Commerce Extensions


Infor VISUAL ERP Mobile

We have a team of consultants and developers who specialize in working with the Infor VISUAL Manufacturing / Enterprise ERP and giving you access from any mobile device.  Learn more about our VISUAL ERP consulting, programming, integration and customization services.

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Crystal Reports & SSRS Support on Mobile Devices

Bezlio specializes in deploying Crystal Reports and SSRS on mobile devices. Learn how you can access your reports from anywhere, on any device!

Custom Development Consulting Support Services Viewer Software

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