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Customizing Your Corporate Facebook Box

Many companies today are embracing social networking sites like Facebook to better connect with their customers. In order to maintain a corporate "brand", it is important to be able to customize the account to match corporate marketing guidelines. While not everything within Facebook can be customized, you do have the ability to customize the Facebook box. Here's how!

What is Business Activity Monitoring?

As technology becomes more and more critical to business success the need for more timely data continues to increase. Once it was okay to get analysis for decisions from yesterday's data but now it is becoming critical to have access to on-demand data to further decrease the delay between the data and the decision.

Using Crystal Reports with Point in Time Data

One problem that we run into frequently is customers wanting Crystal Reports off of point-in-time data. What I mean by point-in-time data is something like a part inventory value, it regularly changes as transactions are made but the analysis you want to do is at based on the inventory value at some specific time.

Website Development - Integrate Joomla and WordPress

As you know, SaberLogic does an extensive amount of work developing websites with Joomla, a very popular website content management system. A CMS is an application that provides structure and dynamic features to a website. One of the primary benefits is that Joomla® provides people with the ability to update, edit and add new content to their website. No programming or website design knowledge is required.

Determining Where to Start With Business Intelligence

Providing technical sales for business intelligence, often times I get asked where a company should start. It is easy to go in, start reviewing processes and coming up with recommendations, and quickly getting overwhelmed by the information requirements that any organization has.

Logicity Version 1.6.0016 Released

SaberLogic is pleased to announce the availability of version 1.6.0016 of Logicity.   This release has the following enhancements:

  • Bug Fix: Added MIME content disposition file name to e-mail actions to resolve issue with attachment file names on some e-mail servers.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected path on start menu link to Logicity user guide.

NOTE:   Unlike previous versions of Logicity, it is recommended that users running Logicity v1.6.0006 or older uninstall their current version of Logicity before installing this new version.

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