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Meet Our Team

SaberLogic - Adam Ellis - Partner - Operations Manager

adam ellis
operations manager

SaberLogic - Brian Ellis - Partner - Business Development Manager

brian ellis
business dev manager

SaberLogic - Eli Remington - Partner - Marketing Manager

eli remington
marketing manager

SaberLogic - Seth Remington - Partner - Architecture Manager

seth remington
architecture manager

SaberLogic - Seth Branan - Custom Development

seth branan
custom development

SaberLogic - Alex Cleveland - Inside Sales

alex cleveland
inside sales

SaberLogic - Kahley Cleveland - Sales Account Manager

kahley cleveland
sales account manager

SaberLogic - Keith Crane - VE Mobile Team Leader

keith crane
ve mobile team leader

SaberLogic - George Curran - Sales Account Manager

george curran
sales account manager

SaberLogic - Priyanka Dubasi - Epicor Custom Development

priyanka dubasi
epicor development

SaberLogic - Amanda Ellis - Accounting

amanda ellis

SaberLogic - Anna Hodakovskaya - Bezlio Developer

anna hodakovskaya
bezlio developer

SaberLogic - Hilary Hrutkai - Sales

hilary hrutkai
sales - account manager

SaberLogic - Kevin Mansfield - Bezlio Design

kevin mansfield
bezlio design

SaberLogic - Jonathan Miller - Bezlio Developer

jonathan miller
bezlio developer

SaberLogic - Nick Owens - Bezlio Developer

nick owens
bezlio developer

SaberLogic - Kevin Price - Custom Reporting

kevin price
custom reporting

SaberLogic - Robert Schnable - Epicor Custom Development

robert schnable
epicor custom development

SaberLogic - Glenn Smith - Services Manager

glenn smith
services manager

SaberLogic - Andy Spak - Architecture

andy spak

SaberLogic - Ben Stefancin - Customer Success

ben stefancin
customer success

SaberLogic - Greg Van Riper - EDI Developer

greg van riper
edi developer

SaberLogic - Michael Wagner - EDI Developer

michael wagner
edi development


Photo Credit: Amanda Ellis Photography

132 Main St., Wadsworth, OH 44281 USA

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